Email marketing helps you capture, nurture leads and shorten your sales cycle.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels to use your for brand building and converting prospects to clients. It enables you to reach many consumers at once and persuade them to do business with you. When using email market, it is important to have clearly defined goals, e.g. leads, sales, traffic, conversions, etc) in order to align your email marketing strategy with your business goals.

We offer a choice of fully-managed email campaigns or do-it-yourself option.

We use a cloud-based email marketing platform to manage your campaigns and email database. Depending on the campaign you are running, we can design your branded HTML email template, compile your email blast, distribute to your subscribers and track your campaign.

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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Strategy

Once we receive your brief and understand your business needs, we will be able to advise on the best email marketing strategy to implement. We offer self and full services email marketing options. Should you choose the self-managed option, we can recommend and set-up your email marketing software, this includes integrating strategically place email capture forms into your website.

Lead Capture

Capturing visitors email and building a mailing list is one of the main focus of a successful email marketing campaign. We will integrate contact info forms inter your campaign landing pages and web pages. Based on your type of business and product offering, we will recommend offers that can serve as lead magnets to help you generate and capture leads. You will not miss an opportunity to capture leads again.

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Sending regular or periodic newsletters email campaigns is an effective form of marketing to your audience, however, this strategy doesn’t work for every type of business. We create email campaigns for retail businesses, we will design your HTML template, load, test content and schedule emails for distribution.

Email List Management

Cliqworks uses sophisticated cloud-based email management software, you can be assured that your email list will be secured. We also do not subscribe to spamming and will only send email campaigns to people who gave permission or opted in.

We will load your existing email list securely into the email management software, remove outdated email accounts, monitor engagements and ensure that your database is relevant and up to date.

Reporting & Analytics

Email marketing benchmarks differ from industry to industry, the average open rate is 20.81% across all industries. We provide analytics on campaign performance, email delivery, open rates, click through rates, bounce rates, conversions and much more. On a monthly basis, we will send you a comprehensive performance report.

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Our Offer to You

Thinking of working with us? This is our offer to you

No Hidden

You will know before you commit what you are paying for. We will prepare a proposal for you that will outline all the work to be done, once you are happy with our proposal, then we will kick-start your email marketing campaign.


We aim to alleviate your fears through regular updates and monthly reporting – remaining open and transparent at all times to ensure that we are on track when it comes to reaching your business goals.


Your dedicated campaign specialist will monitor your campaign’s performance daily, pause or alter non-performing ads to ensure that you get the most out of your campaign spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy an email list to kick-start my email marketing campaigns?

Buying an email list is a bad idea, when people get an email from you they will be getting it from a total stranger. You could be marked as spam, your recipients are also less likely to read or open your emails because they don’t know you. If you not already have an email list, the option is to grow it organically.

Will email marketing work for my business?

Key findings of your SEO audit will tell us whether your website contains an adequate set of relevant search words and terms relating to your industry. We measure the attractiveness of your website to potential customers and the ability of search engines to crawl, understand, and rank your content according to your industry standards.

How often should I send emails to my customers?

The optimal number of email campaigns depends on your industry, type of content and target audience. You do not want to become a nuisance by sending too many emails, that is why it is important to monitor your open and unsubscribe rates. If you see a decline in engagements, that may be a sign that you need to tone it down.

Self-managed campaigns option - How it work?

We will set-up your account on the cloud-based email marketing platform, provide you with basic training on how to load content, subscribers, manage your list and sending your campaign to your email list.

Do I have to provide you with an email list?

Yes, if you wish to do an email blast you should have your own email list of people who have consented to receive promotional content from you. We can also assist you with growing your email subscriber base by creating offers/campaigns that drive traffic to your landing pages, website or blog.

Do I have to provide you with content?

Our seasoned team of SEO writers draws on their experience in producing consistent brand messaging across all platforms. All content developed for your website, banner adverts, and more will be submitted for your approval before publication.

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Complete the form below and let’s discuss your
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