What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are a must have if you are an online retailer

Google Shopping ads appear on top of your search results when you search for products sold online. You can use shopping ads to promote your online store, drive traffic to your store and increase sales.

With Google Shopping ads, you can target shoppers actively searching for the products you offer, you only pay when they click on your advert to visit your website. Shopping ads are more than just text ads, they are highly visual and you can showcase your website name, product image, price, description and more.

 Key Benefits

  • They are highly visible
    Google Shopping ads occupy the highest position on Google search results, higher than text ads. They often receive double or triple click-through rate as compared to normal text ads.
  • Get brand exposure
    Google allows you to showcase a preview of your product’s image, store name and price. Giving your store exposure even before customers click on your advert. You can also increase trust in your brand through product ratings and promotions.
  • Receive highly qualified leads
    Online shoppers want to be able to compare products and make informed purchasing decisions. Google requires that your ads are highly visible, with information such as pricing and product images. This enables shoppers to compare products and make informed buying decisions, most shoppers who click on your ad and visit your website landing page would have a high intention to purchase.
  • Increase ROI and lower your cost per lead
    Once customers click on your advert to reach your e-commerce store, opportunities to upsell other products on your store are endless. By visiting your e-commerce website, shoppers become exposed to other products, resulting in higher ROI and lower cost per lead.

What are the requirements for Google Shopping Ads

  • An online store where people can purchase physical products. Shopping ads are for e-commerce websites.
  • High-quality product images to be displayed on your adverts
  • Payment options should be clearly defined, you will need a Google merchant account. Shoppers should be able to see a list of all payment options prior to checking out, e.g. logos of Mastercard, Visa, etc, to show that they are accepted as payment options.
  • Your products need to comply with the advertising policy of Google.
  • Your Returns & Refund policies need to be clearly stated on your e-commerce website.

Our Google Ads Management Process

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