Integrated Campaign Services

Integrated marketing campaigns designed to take your business from where it is
to where you want it to be.

Cliqworks focuses on two types of campaigns. Depending on the individual needs of your organisation, campaigns can be divided into builders and drivers.

Builders are brand building campaigns that lay the foundation for future growth. They are focused on increasing your companies reach, attracting prospects to your site and building an audience. The campaigns are long-term and to have impact they must be recurring, examples include boosting social media presence, SEO, blogging, building email subscribers and PR.
Drivers are campaigns aimed at converting your audience to leads, and your leads to sales. Once you have attracted an audience to your website, newsletter, social media pages, you want to convert them to qualified leads, you want them to become customers. Examples include ebooks, free guides; promos linked to landing pages, blog post, email newsletter campaigns, etc.

Traffic Generation

We develop and implement marketing campaigns to create brand awereness, attract prospects and help you drive business online.

  • Develop and implement lead generation strategies
  • Pay Per Click advertising campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Develop landing pages to advertise your Offers
  • Develop call-to-actions to convert prospects to leads
  • Monitor analytics and analyse data to optimize results

Email Marketing

Building a dedicated audience is essential to the success of your marketing campaign. We focus on developing content that appeals to your audience and implement email marketing systems to deliver it directly to your audience’s inbox.

Our team has the capacity to deliver:

  • Develop email marketing strategy
  • Email list creation and management
  • Email marketing automation
  • Campaign analytics and reporting

Social Media Marketing

Todays savvy consumer engages with your brand using various social media platforms. Social media engagements are a must have for any brand that intends to build brand awareness, generate new business leads, engage with customers and prospects.

  • Develop and implement social media strategy
  • Social media monitoring and management
  • Brand awereness camapaigns to raise your brands profile
  • Connect with customers and prospect
  • Share lead generating content including, ebooks, case studies, articles, blog posts

Content Marketing

Content has become a true differentiator for any brand that wants to capture the hearts and minds of its audience. Today’s marketer understands the role that multi-media content plays in creating a personalised brand experience that resonates with the audience. Our content development team has what it takes to developed personalised content that takes your prospects through your entire marketing funnel.

  • Copywriting – blog, copywriting, articles, newsletters, ebooks, case studies, marketing collateral and more.
  • Social media content
  • Email marketing content
  • Multimedia content

Design & Layout

Great design is essential to capturing the interest of your audience, it enhances the feelings, perceptions and thoughts that people learn to associate with your brand. We support our clients with all their design needs, including:

  • Corporate identity
  • Content assets – ebooks, case studies, reports and more
  • Email templates
  • Social media marketing artwork and infographics
  • Infographics
  • Marketing collateral and all your print advertising artwork needs

Website Development

The primary goal of your website should be to build your business presence online, generate traffic and new business leads. We develop on WordPress, as well as various other CMS platforms. We integrate websites with custom applications and third-party platforms. We also SEO wizards and know what it takes to create search engine friendly sites that are also optimized for mobile devices.

  • Web design strategy, creative and development
  • Developing call-to-action triggers to help you convert traffic
  • Developing landing pages advertise your offers and capture leads
  • Develop “thank-you pages” to support your campaigns
  • Content strategy and implementation