Full-service Digital Marketing Specialists

We create top-performing digital marketing campaigns for
businesses of any size.

Cliqworks has a proven track record of developing digital campaigns that help businesses increase web traffic and build brand awareness. Our digital marketing services include Google Adverts, Facebook adverts, social media management, SEO and content marketing, email marketing and lead optimization.

Digital marketing is now mainstream, it is a highly competitive, fast-paced and constantly changing media landscape. Cliqworks is your marketing partner with technical expertise in implementing online marketing campaigns that produce results. We will give you honest advice about what works, what doesn’t and which online marketing platform will work best for your business.

We also provide traditional brand awareness campaign development and design services.

For Money

You will know before you commit what you are paying for. We will prepare a proposal for you that will outline all the work to be done, once you are happy with our proposal, then we will kick-start your marketing campaign.


Our team refreshes its Google Ads certification every 12 months. To stay ahead and abreast of development in the digital marketing space, we are always sharpening our technical knowledge through certification in online marketing, SEO, web development and graphic design.



When you work with us, we don’t tie you up with long-term contracts, you will always have an option to exit. However, most of our clients get sustainable results from their campaigns with 3 – 6 months.

What We Do

AdWords Management

Convert online shoppers and browsers into customers with our Google AdWords, from tailored Google adverts to effective website remarketing that keeps your brand top of mind.

& Content Marketing

Proven SEO services designed to improve your website’s ranking. We follow best-practice to ensure that the content and coding of your website places you ahead of the pack.

Social Media

Increase your brand’s reach and connect with more customers through targeted social media advertising. We create targeted averts to reach for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media

Increase brand awareness and engagements with your clients. We provide end-to-end social media management solutions.

Analytics & Reporting

Our SEO & Google AdWords audit help you find areas to improve. Track your website’s performance with our Google Analytics and reporting services.

Media & Branding

Build a lasting brand image with stunning visuals from our design studio. We have expertise in running traditional advertising campaigns.

Our Work

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