Google Search Ads or Display Ads? Which one to use?

Google Search Ads or Display Ads

Google Search Ads or Display Ads

Search ads are the most popular amongst all Google advertising platforms, these are text ads that appear on top of search results. Display ads are banner ads that appear on websites across the internet, these are websites that have opted to display Google banner ads.

Search ads generally provide better ROI as compared to display ads, recent data from Wordstream’s Google Ads benchmark show that on average the click-through-rate for search ads across all industries is 3.17%, which is significantly higher than 0.46% for display ads.

Search ads are very effective because they target consumers when they are actively searching for things on Google, the consumer searching online already has a need, an intention to purchase and therefore much easier to convert.

When should you use Google Search Ads

  • If you are offering a service that is urgently needed or solve problems requiring urgent attention.
    We all turn to Google in search of help finding service provides or answers to pressing questions. Search ads are ideal if you offer solutions to what most people search for online.
  • Generate leads.
    Google text ads are ideal for generating leads, they appear on top of search results, matched to what people are looking for online.

When to use Google Display Ads?

Display ads appear on Google’s partner website, they are ads consumers see while going about their business online.

  • Display ads are great for building brand awareness.
    Display ads are visual ads, they provide advertisers with an opportunity to build top of mind awareness and keep their advertising message in the eyes of the consumer.
  • When you sell products with a long sales cycle or new to the market.
    Consumers looking for high-value products are not likely to make instant purchases, they shop around and consider their options. Display ads help you keep your brand message fresh in your potential customer’s minds, especially if you use remarketing.

One-on-one, search ads outdo display ads, to counter this you consider using remarketing to increase the effectiveness of your display ads. Google remarketing increases the effectiveness of your display ads by up to three times.

Remarketing allows you to track and readvertise to people who have previously shown interest in your ads by clicking on them and visiting your website. They increase the effectiveness of your campaign because your message gets to be seen by qualified prospects repeatedly over a period of time. The choice of an advertising platform to use depends entirely on your marketing needs and budget.

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