Why your Facebook ads are not working (How to fix this)

Why your Facebook ads are not working

Facebook Ads

If you are already advertising on Facebook, how much are you spending on Facebook ads? Are you getting the results you were hoping for?

In other words, is advertising on Facebook working for you? Advertising on Facebook is not just about spending lots of money on ads, it is much more than that.

If you are not getting the desired results, then try the following:

1. Make sure you are not marketing to a cold audience

The big mistake that most advertisers do is to simply target customers based on their interest and other demographics, and hope that they will simply convert to customers.

Facebook ads not working

While this approach might work, it may take time to show results and will cost you more in the long run. The best thing to do is to remarket to your existing prospects, in other words, market to people who have previously shown interest in what you are offering. 

These could be:

  • People who have visited your website
  • Anyone who has engaged with your business on the Facebook page
  • Prospects from your email list/database
  • or clients database.

Create a lookalike audience on Facebook, this is an audience that is similar to your existing audience. Facebook can create that audience for you, then you can use the lookalike audience to create a much larger audience to target.

2. Test your campaigns and be prepared to spend a bit more

You have to spend a bit more to figure what works, test your messaging and determine which adverts get the most response. Unless you spend a bit more in the beginning to test your campaigns, you will never really know what works and what doesn’t.

You also need to be careful about how much you spend initially when testing. If you spend too much in the beginning, you will find that Facebook gives you the same amount of clicks even if you spend more.

It is best to gradually increase your spending after testing, based on which ad combination works best and give you the best return.

3. Use retargeting at various stages of your sales cycle

There are easier and complicated ways of doing this, depending on your type of business, we will focus on the easier version.

Facebook retargeting

You don’t have to create the same ad for every customer, for example, you can have:

  • Ad 1 to hook customers and drive them to your website.
  • Ad 2 for customers that visited your website and didn’t convert. You create an ad especially for this audience encouraging them to convert.

Depending on your type of business, you can create multiple ads that target customers at various stages of the sales cycle.

4. Spy on the competition, check out what works for them

Another reason why your ads are not delivering might be because they are off tune, the copy or presentation just doesn’t entice your audience to take action.

Spy on the competition - Facebook

How do you solve this? By looking at what works for similar companies in your industry. Facebook has a free ads library that has a collection of ads running on Facebook, use it to research what works for your competitors and duplicate.

If an ad from your competitors receives great feedback, there is a great chance that you might do as well if your copy what works for your competitor. 

5. Review your sales funnel

How do you take customers through your sales process? What happens when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website? The reason they don’t convert might be because of your website copy or landing page doesn’t convert.

Review your sales cycle-Facebook

Again, when planning your campaign look at what works in your industry. Look at the best performing on Facebook’s ad library. Click on them, check the landing page layout, the website copy and see if there are elements that you can incorporate in your advert.

Then test, if the formula will work then stick with it.

6. Use video ads

Video ads on Facebook generally have a high click-through rate, they generally perform better than text and image-based ads. If you have access to production resources to produce a compelling video ad, go ahead, it would be worth the investment. If you can’t produce your own video ad, no worries, Facebook has a built-in video maker that you can use to animate your ads. Facebook also offers multiple ad formats, such as a carousel which enables you to show multiple images that viewer scroll through, a slideshow or a collection ad that makes it easier for people to scroll and purchase products from a mobile device.

Text and image ads are still effective when done properly, Facebook recommends that you use ads with less text, check-out Facebook guidelines for text and images ads.

In the end, what really matters is sales and not just clicks. It is always important to remember that when creating your ads, make sure they are optimized for sales and not just clicks.

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