Will Google Ads work for my small business?

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Google is the default search engine for most consumers looking for services or products online, most of the time will search on Google and contact the relevant service provider, that’s how the world works.

Based on our experience of running successful Google ad campaigns, we highly recommend Google ads them as a must-have for businesses that are looking at generating leads urgently.

The downside is that the Google ads platform has become very competitive and highly a contested marketplace. Popular keywords in some industries can be very expensive, making it difficult for small businesses with limited financial resource to compete with larger companies.

Google Ads platforms

Google mainly has two major advertising platforms, the Google Search Networks (GNC) and the Google Display Network (GDN). The search network ads are text ads that appear on Google search results.

Search ads are ideal for generating sales leads, they perform better than display ads when it comes to generating instant leads, this is because they appear on search results as people are actively searching for things they are looking for on Google.

Commonly used Google ads platforms

  1. Search Ads
    A text ad that appears on top of Google search results. Instantly placing your message on top regardless of your website ranking
  2. Display Ads
    Reach customers wherever they are with banner ads across a network of over two million partner websites.
  3. Video Ads
    Millions of people watch YouTube videos on a daily bases, videos are an effective way of increasing brand awareness.
  4. Shopping Ads
    Promote your online store, drive traffic to your store and increase sales. Reach millions of potential customers searching for your products.

What are the key benefit of advertising on Google Ads?

Access to an active online consumer market
The main benefit of AdWords is that you can target consumers at the very moment when they are actively looking for what you offer. For most small business owners, access to markets is the biggest headache, where do I find customers?

How do I drive traffic to my website? Google AdWords is the answer to those questions. AdWords gives you access to the local or national actively searching for what you are selling.

Google ads let you know if your marketing is working since only pay if it’s working.

Should I run Google ads in-house or use an agency?

Google promotes its platform as a do-it-yourself platform, the reality is that it has become very sophisticated, technical and maybe time-consuming for an untrained eye.

Surely there are times when it might be sensible to manage your Google ads in-house if you have the human capital. Having said that, working with a Google ads management agency can save you time and money, you will benefit from the collective expertise and dedicated which an agency can deploy to continuously manage and optimize your ads.

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