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Looking for a way to boost your business without having to spend too much on ads? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you grow your audience and traffic and increase sales and conversions with targeted and highly effective social media advertising services.

Our social media advertising services generate results. The more you invest in social media ads, the more people you will be able to reach, and the more you’ll open doors for brand awareness, traffic and sales. There’s no time like the present to get started on social media advertising.

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Advertise To Your Target Audience

Our social media advertising service allows you to connect your brand to an audience that is likely to do business with you. Our social media campaigns are targeted at customers who match your customer’s profile.

Control Your Advertising Budget

We will recommend the best advertising platform to help you reach your audience. Our plans allow you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you can also add additional platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. We create a custom package based on your needs and budget.

Maximize Your Return On Investment

Our social media advertising services help you reach your marketing goals from boosting follower counts to maximizing return on investment. Our results-driven campaigns generate increased followers, likes, engagements, inquiries, and potential leads that can be easily tracked in real-time.

Check out our social media advertising plans

Recommended Ad spend Budget (Amount allocated to adverts)R2500 – R10000R10000 – R20000R20000 plus
Platforms included (Facebook & Instagram)tickticktick
Additional Platforms (Twitter & LinkedIn)tickticktick
Account Set & Campaign Strategytickticktick
Dedicated Account Managementtickticktick
Ad Creation and Designtickticktick
Video Ads (client to provide or we can create at an additional fee)tickticktick
Daily Monitoring (Mon – Fri)tickticktick
Audience Re-targetingtickticktick
Conversion Trackingtickticktick
Analytics and Campaign Reportstickticktick
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Let Us Help You Grow Your Companies Social Media Presence

Why Choose Us For Your Social Media Advertising?


Get Value For
Your Money

We believe in providing honest advice and recommending the best plan to our clients based on their needs and budget. We charge our clients by the actual cost of each service we offer, which means that they can spend more of their budget on ads and let their business gain the exposure they deserve.


We Focus
On Results

We know the tricks and tips that make campaigns work. Our team of social media advertising experts will take care of all your social media advertising campaign needs, from copywriting, design, media planning & buying, and optimizing them on campaign metrics.


Contract Terms

Our contract terms are very flexible. We prefer to focus on adding value, delivering on our promise, and building long-lasting mutual relationships. Work with us if you want quality work that is backed by high integrity.

Ready to start with your social media advertising campaign!

Our Social Media Advertising Options

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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook is the most widely used social media network and Africa represents one of its fastest-growing markets. Facebook advertising is effective in targeting different types of customers, whether you are running a B2C business, a B2B, or an online store. Facebook ads represent an opportunity for any business of any size to reach its target audience.

  • Facebooks ads have the highest click-through rate, much higher than any other social media platform.
  • The average active user spends 34.6 minutes on Facebook per day
  • 66% of users visit a page of a local business at least once on a weekly basis

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram allows you to create visually appealing ads that capture your audience’s attention and resonate with your brand’s message. Instagram popularly continues to grow, it evolved from just a photo-sharing platform to a valuable app that can help your business reach an image contiguous audience.

  • Instagram has over 1 billion users per month
  • 51% of users are female and 49% are male
  • An average user spends 30 minutes per day on Instagram
  • 81% of users use Instagram to research products and services

Twitter Advertising Services

Twitter is where the latest conversation is happening. Twitter users are well-informed, highly interactive, and opinionated. This makes Twitter an ideal medium for discovering the latest trends, topics, and marketing to an informed audience that follows the latest trends. You can target the audience by tagging popular hashtags or with eye-catching graphic and video ads.

  • 59% of users regularly get their news from Twitter
  • The largest user demographic is between the ages of 25 – 34 years old

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn is the best medium for reaching professionals and decision-makers in business. It may not be the biggest social media; however, it is effective for reaching business professionals and well as consumers. LinkedIn advertising helps you gain exposure, build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website.

  • LinkedIn has over 8 million users in South Africa and over 722 million users worldwide.
  • 57% of users are men while 43% are women
  • Advertisers are able to reach the target audience by their job title, allowing B2B marketers to reach professionals who make buying decisions.
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Complete the form below and let’s discuss your
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